Born in Europe, I found my true home in Canada after packing up my life, my husband, and our Westie pup and moving across the ocean, one very cold January. Stepping out of the airport, jet-lagged and hungry, I remember the first thing that hit me was a bone-chilling wind that froze my breath; the second, was a calm feeling that I’d arrived home.

I tried on many careers, but like one-sized clothes, none of them really fit me. I picked up a camera as a diversion at one point, and while I loved photography, I could not connect the dots on how to turn it into my livelihood. It took people reaching out to me via social media and asking for my rates, for the realization to happen: I could do what I love for a living!

Today, I am a Canadian food photographer and stylist with a love of wholesome veggie food, and a giant sweet tooth. I live and work in the Greater Toronto Area. My strength is creating images that highlight the textural details in food, capturing a natural style with bold shadows and colours. Faded matte filters are definitely not my thing, I am after that juicy specular highlight in a food portrait, or the story that a lifestyle image can convey.

I regularly work with food brands to bring their vision to life in images, and occasionally, I teach beginner photographers how to make the first steps towards better images through in-person workshops.

When not holding a camera, I am chasing my 6-year old son through the house, or baking something delicious.



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